We help students accomplish their goals.

We are on a mission to help middle school and high school students in US reach their full potential. We coach students on a one-on-one basis. Every session is custom designed for the individual student. We are constantly adding  new courses across subjects.

What We Do

Education is a cornerstone to one’s success. We help students improve their understanding of STEM subjects. We create customized coaching sessions to address student’s unique needs and aspirations.

Teach Math

We help students improve their Math knowledge & skills across AP, Honors, Enhanced and Academic levels. We teach Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus for middle and high school students. All sessions are held one-on-one and customized to the individual student’s needs.

Teach Physics

We help students learn fundamental concepts of Physics. We explore different applications of the concepts learned using real world scenarios. We teach High school physics at Academic, Honors and AP level.

SAT Prep

We help students improve their SAT scores by explaining difficult concepts clearly, applying those concepts in many practical scenarios and by helping students practice consistently.

Ready to get started?

All coaching sessions are done on one on one basis to deliver maximum impact and benefit to the students. Typical class duration is one hour. Want to learn more?

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Our Course Offerings

Please check out our current course offering for Math, Physics and SAT. We are always adding new courses. Courses are one-on-one sessions for a particular subject.


“You saved my day! I was getting so frustrated with myself as found I was not able to figure it out. I want to thank you for making Math interesting and easy to understand for me.”


US-based course instructors

Our instructors are based out of US and have tutoring experience in Math, Physics and SAT Prep. Our goal is to help students understand the fundamental concepts, clarify their questions, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and above all, help them gain confidence in mathematics, physics and taking up SAT.

All classes are conducted online for school students in 7-12th grade.

Technology used: Zoom, Google Meet.