Daily Math – Question 45

Every day we will share one Math question. You can solve it and share your solution in the comments below. The next day, we will post the method of solving today’s question and answer any of your subsequent questions in the process. Read the question and share your answer in the comments below. Today’s question is on Coordinate Geometry & Triangles.

Do share your answers in the comments below.


6 thoughts on “Daily Math – Question 45”

    1. Hi Madhubala,
      You got almost all answers correct! For the second part, I see that you accidentally found the equation of AC instead of BD. By the way, the equation of line AC is indeed y = 1 – 3x/4 or, 4y = 4 – 3x.

    1. Hi Madhubala,
      I am glad you realized that the second part was asking to find the equation of line BD (and not AC). Now, if slope of AC is -3/4 (as you have correctly found earlier), what will be the slope of line BD? What is the relational between slopes of any two perpendicular lines? Pls check your work. Hope it helps!

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