Daily Math – Question 49

Every day we will share one Math question. You can solve it and share your solution in the comments below. The next day, we will post the method of solving today’s question and answer any of your subsequent questions in the process. Read the question and share your answer in the comments below. Today’s question is on Algebra – Radicals and Exponents as well as on Trigonometry.

Do share your answer in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “Daily Math – Question 49”

    1. Hi Madhubala,
      Your answer seems to be an angle and not a trigonometric ratio. We need to find two trigonometric ratios: sin Θ and cos Θ.
      See if there is a way we can express both left side and right side of the equation as 2 raised to (something). Then try and simplify
      after that. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Madhubala,
      Great effort and you are getting very close now! Since theta is an acute angle, tan (theta) cannot be -3. Use this fact.

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