Daily Math – Question 54

Every day we will share one Math question. You can solve it and share your solution in the comments below. The next day, we will post the method of solving today’s question and answer any of your subsequent questions in the process. Read the question and share your answer in the comments below. Today’s question is on Geometry – Areas of Polygons and Circles.

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7 thoughts on “Daily Math – Question 54”

  1. Area of regular hexagon = 259.8 sqm
    Area of circle = 235.5 sqm
    So area of green space= 259.8 – 235.5 = 24.3 sqm

  2. Respected sir, I agree with you till 150√3 – 75 π which equals 259.8 – 235.5 = 24.30 but how 24.19? Please tell me if possible…

    1. Hi Sridevi,
      Great question. The discrepancy arises due to 2 facts – first, when we round and second, to what decimal place we round.
      We have 150√3 – 75 π.
      If we round each term to one decimal place, and then do the subtraction, we get 259.8 – 235.6 = 24.2
      If we round each term to 3 decimal places and then subtract, we get answer as = 24.188. Then, if we round to 2 decimal places, we get = 24.19
      Since calculator is allowed, we should first do the subtraction and then round the answer to 2 decimal places. Also, use the value of π and not 22/7. Remember that 22/7 is also an approximation of π.
      To summarize, as a rule of thumb, always remember –
      1. Round as late as possible in your calculations because when round a number, we are approximating.
      2. If we round a number early, then we must round to “one digit more than we need” in the final answer.
      Hope this helps!

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